Sunday, June 1, 2014

The final post

Our European Adventure

A stop in Graz
Elder Hunt served with Bishop Tew in the YSA ward in Fruit Heights.  The Tews are now serving in Graz Austria with the YSA there.  We stopped in for a couple of days to visit them on the way to Munich to pick up our kids. They really showed us around.

Note clock tower in the back.

A museum that lets you touch things

Cool stairway to clock tower
On our way up.

Sora T chasing down one of the peacocks
YSA - a little bigger than our Institute classes in Timi.
(And this was a small turnout!)

It was SO, SO fun to see good friends from home and they were wonderful hosts and guides.  

Ali and Chris

On to Munich to pick up 2 of our kids. We made sure our phones were set up so we could communicate with Ali And Chris when they landed - all to no avail. They were already a day late. Their plane landed - and we watched as everyone from their plane - and the next came out. Our  phones just didn't work.  So we did what folks have always done in the days before such technology - we waited - and waited, and sure enough, after much ado - they emerged - sans luggage.  Long story.  

But - on to the good stuff. We won't even try to cover everything.  Impossible.  Just a taste from each city. 

First stop - Berchtesgaden, Germany

This place was gorgeous even in the rain!
Had to be reached by boat. (Sorry it's crooked)


Love the architecture!


Marie Teresa is in every city!

Short stop in Budapest


Dinner with dear friends

More dear friends

Last day at church


Really Home

This greeted us as we walked in our doors

Ah!  This is what we've waited for!

Meeting Christopher - born last August

Lunch with his buddies.  

Baby Max's Blessing Day

And on and on and on.  

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us.  Our mission to Romania has been such a gift to us and it felt like we could share that gift somehow. The mission adventure has come to pass.  And now, it's on to others.  And on and on and on.....

La revedere!

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