Sunday, June 1, 2014

The final post

Our European Adventure

A stop in Graz
Elder Hunt served with Bishop Tew in the YSA ward in Fruit Heights.  The Tews are now serving in Graz Austria with the YSA there.  We stopped in for a couple of days to visit them on the way to Munich to pick up our kids. They really showed us around.

Note clock tower in the back.

A museum that lets you touch things

Cool stairway to clock tower
On our way up.

Sora T chasing down one of the peacocks
YSA - a little bigger than our Institute classes in Timi.
(And this was a small turnout!)

It was SO, SO fun to see good friends from home and they were wonderful hosts and guides.  

Ali and Chris

On to Munich to pick up 2 of our kids. We made sure our phones were set up so we could communicate with Ali And Chris when they landed - all to no avail. They were already a day late. Their plane landed - and we watched as everyone from their plane - and the next came out. Our  phones just didn't work.  So we did what folks have always done in the days before such technology - we waited - and waited, and sure enough, after much ado - they emerged - sans luggage.  Long story.  

But - on to the good stuff. We won't even try to cover everything.  Impossible.  Just a taste from each city. 

First stop - Berchtesgaden, Germany

This place was gorgeous even in the rain!
Had to be reached by boat. (Sorry it's crooked)


Love the architecture!


Marie Teresa is in every city!

Short stop in Budapest


Dinner with dear friends

More dear friends

Last day at church


Really Home

This greeted us as we walked in our doors

Ah!  This is what we've waited for!

Meeting Christopher - born last August

Lunch with his buddies.  

Baby Max's Blessing Day

And on and on and on.  

Thanks for sharing our adventure with us.  Our mission to Romania has been such a gift to us and it felt like we could share that gift somehow. The mission adventure has come to pass.  And now, it's on to others.  And on and on and on.....

La revedere!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Last Day that is not the Last Day

The A's are all set up in their apartment. They now know all that we know.  They have the keys to the church and the keys to the car.  They have the water filter, snow tires, web files, web maintenance instructions and all the pots and pans and anything else we have acquired in our time here. Almost.  Some things we will part with just as we fly away in two weeks.

We are not flying home until May 26, but Tuesday we are, technically, concluding our mission. We are meeting a son and a daughter in Munich and we are traveling a bit.  It is something they have always wanted to do - and it's something we should do as long as we're here, as the opportunity is unlikely to present itself again. Even though we will be back at church on the 25th it will be more as visitors.

We had a Relief Society activity after church on Sunday.  It was a Welcome to the Alstons and, as it turned out, a Farewell to the Hunts gathering.  All the members at church stayed and many, if not all, brought food.  It was AWESOME!!!

Sora G, Sora V and Sora S busy preparing

Getting things set up

Sora G's picture perfect cake safe from her bike ride to the church

Hoped I'd get that smile in a photo - but nope.

It's like a mushroom meatloaf with egg.  Very cool.

Lots of food

Familia U (Dad should have arrived from Italy later that day.)

It was great hanging out.  It doesn't happen enough.

Sora N.  One fiesty gospel doctrine teacher

Our super cute U family. They are the primary -

 - and my good buddies.  

The consolation for me is that we will see them all again in two weeks.  I am so not good at lasts.

Mother's Day means SKYPING!!!

This is one of the happiest days of the year. It is delightful to listen as these missionaries squeal, laugh and tell stories. It's all about families and it's all about love.  It's a fabulous day.

Elder S2 is trying to set up Hangouts on the iPad.

And in case you have any interest - Skype comes from the development name of Sky Peer to Peer as they created a face to face internet communication software.  In case you didn't want to know - ignore that.  For those of us who live far from home - it just means magic.

So - though it was the last regular day of our missionary life - we still have 2 weeks.  And after that - it's just another transfer.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Last Mission Week - (and no we aren't quite on our way home.)

Cinco de Mayo

Little does it matter that Cinco de Mayo celebrates a short lived Mexican victory of one battle in a war that was lost to the French only 18 days later - it is reason enough to treat ourselves to some Mexican food!!  And the sisters did the treating!  (Or at least the cooking)

Here they are - our lovely cooks

And our almost as lovely food


I'm afraid I was too busy eating to take action shots of the dinner. A very fine holiday.  Thank you sisters!!

The Lasts

The last family home evening. The last District Meeting. The last institute class. The last English class.  The last youth activity.  Mercy.  I don't do 'lasts' very well - but here they all are.

Family Home Evening

I taught our last family home evening.  Big thanks to my neighbor Lily for helping me with my translation.  It was part biology lesson and definitely out of my league in Romanian. (But most everything is.)

After FHE with Sora N

District Meeting.  

Our DL, Elder S2 planned (well planned) the meeting. They took care of mission and branch business and had a language tip.  He had those of us who are near departure answer questions posed by those who are younger in the mission.  Then Elder Hunt and I were allowed to give our farewell testimonies along with the other missionaries.  I love hearing what the young missionaries have to say.  It really was a good meeting.

Reading with Claudio

Elder Hunt and I went to our last scripture reading with Claudio.  He shared chocolate with us because it was his birthday this week.  So sorry we missed his birthday.  He's 9 now.

English Class

For our last class in English we played Go Fish, ate some chocolate and cried a little.  What sweet, sweet ladies.  And - I did not take pictures - so here are some from days gone by.

My class started with these two who have been coming to English forever.

The 3 on the right are my students.  This is from my birthday outing.

Teaching these ladies for the last 6 months has been a sweet blessing to me.

Last youth activity

The A's and I were the spectators at bowling.

A happy moment for Sora S (she had several)

Goofy guys with a very cute photobomber.

Elder S2 looks on target - but Wilson's form just could not be comfortable - or even possible.

A is very happy with that strike

Not so happy.

Elder S2 says he is this stoic with a strike because he is a golfer?

Elder Hunt showing his pro form

Sora L is telepathically directing her ball.

Elder M2 had a pretty good delivery - (But ping pong is his real game.)

Elder S2 is happier for Elder S1's strike than he is his own.
Vlad is stoic because, well.... He doesn't have to be good at everything.

The gang
 And that's enough for one posting.  Stay tuned for The Last Day - And still we're not on our way home yet.